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Dancing Cactus Toy Can Sing, Wriggle & Repeat Recording Singing Cactus Toy with Mimicking Cactus Plush Electric Toys

Rs. 300.00 Regular price Rs. 499.00
Type: Musical Toy
Color - Green
This wriggle dancing cactus repeat what you say and sing is made of non-toxic and harmless knitted plush fabric, the fabric is soft and comfortable, the touch is like cotton, cactus mimicking toy will not cause any harm, you and your child can rest assured to play. USB Charging For saving you the trouble of buying installing and small parts from falling off when replacing the battery, we use a 3.7-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and design a USB charging port and provide a USB charging cable on electronic dancing cactus. Only need to charge the talking cactus toy for half an hour, turn on the switch, and it can be used for a long time. Funny Mimic Speak and Recording The cactus plush toy electronic shake dancing toy repeats whatever it hears in a funny voice, and can record and play your original voice. If you have other kids, it’s a way to have them connect with the new baby or you can say mama or dada and see which one the baby learns first. Singing, Dancing and Glowing The dancing cactus toy mimics will sing 120 trendy songs. Twisting and dancing in a rhythmic snake-like and can emit rhythmic flashing lights at the same time. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere and for hosting parties. Perfect Gift for Kids and Adults The repeat cactus toy is a fun interactive toy which will make everyone laugh. You can also use it as a room decoration. It is also a very good adults stress relief toy and educational toy for kids