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Toyvala-The Brilleo pull-back car toy: A scaled-down model of the Bal car, compact, stylish, and offers thrilling pull-back action for enjoyable play-CT-178

Rs. 299.00 Regular price Rs. 346.00
Color - White

The Brilleo pull-back car toy is a meticulously crafted miniature replica of the popular Brilleo car model. It faithfully replicates the sleek and stylish design elements of the actual vehicle, including its distinctive contours, grille, and headlights. This toy car offers an exciting playtime experience with its pull-back action.

When you pull it back and release, it accelerates forward, emulating the thrilling motion of the real Brilleo . This interactive feature adds an element of fun and engagement, making it an excellent choice for children and car enthusiasts. Whether for imaginative play, collecting, or display, the Brilleo pull-back car toy allows individuals to appreciate the charm and design of the Baleno in a compact and entertaining form.