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Toyvala-BTZ-DC pull-back car toy: Miniature rendition of the BTZ-DC SUV, featuring sleek styling and exciting pull-back mechanism for thrilling playtime-CT-182

Rs. 299.00 Regular price Rs. 346.00
Color - Red

The BTZ-DC pull-back car toy is a meticulously crafted miniature replica of the popular BTZ-DC SUV. Designed to capture the essence of the real vehicle, it features a sleek and detailed design, complete with the SUV's signature contours, front grille, and headlights. This toy offers an engaging playtime experience with its pull-back mechanism.

By simply pulling the toy car backward and releasing it, kids and enthusiasts alike can watch it zoom forward, simulating the thrilling motion of the actual BTZ-DC on the road. The pull-back action adds an element of excitement and interactivity to play, making it a hit among children and collectors.

Whether for imaginative play, as a collectible item, or a desk ornament, the BTZ-DC pull-back car toy appeals to car enthusiasts and fans of this iconic SUV. It offers a tangible connection to the world of automobiles, allowing individuals of all ages to appreciate the BTZ-DC design and performance in a compact and playful form.