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Toyvala Eye Catching Musical Bump and Go Electric Dancing Frog With Music & Light Toy, Dancing Toy, Battery Operated Toy, Kids Baby Electric Toys with Light and Music

Rs. 399.00 Regular price Rs. 499.00
Type: Musical Toy
Color - Multocolor
Musical Dancing Frog with 3D Flashing Lights, Brilliant Flashing lightning effect. It dances on the songs by lifting its legs and hands in the air and this is a very attractive robot for your little one. The Dancing Frog is looking both funny and smart. Best Dancing Toy for Kids, Brain Development enhances the child's curiosity for new things. Power Source: - This toy uses 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package. Make sure the batteries are in the right position and tighten the battery box cover. Buyers are also requested to Place the batteries with care, while opening the product and placing the batteries follow the instructions given carefully. Please remove batteries immediately in case batteries are leaking or gets wet. Great festival gift: a great gift for kids' birthday, children's day, Christmas, new year, holiday celebrating. It is very helpful to grow up your infant's mind. Develops visual-special skills and hand-eye coordination. Toyvala presents fascinating age-appropriate toys which enhance child’s imagination and focuses on making kids artistic, experiential, and smart. Toyvala believes in bringing toys and games for kids which keep them busy and gives them real-life examples while playing. Toyvala gives special attention and brings only safe and Non-Toxic toys. All Toyvala toys are specially selected by the team and our toys are meaningful, safe, interesting, and engaging. The robot is with features that will certainly keep toddlers and kids of preschool age entertained for hours. Musical and Light Dancing Frog This is a cute dancing frog toy for children of age 3+. Children can learn to dance along with the Dancing frog toy and enjoy a lot. The sweet music and functional movements of the toy improve the brain development of children, enhance learning and increase hand and eye coordination It has a brilliant lightning effect. This toy is battery-operated. It has an easy turn On/Off Switch. Works on AA x 3 battery and is safe It is helpful to grow up your kid's mind. This toy enhances communication skills, listening skills, social interaction and of course motor skills. This also grabs kids attention by attractive sound, kids like observing such toys and it also encourages physical activities such as dancing and clapping. This toy is Battery Operated and made with safe material.