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Toyvala Rotating Bump & Go Musical Dancing Girl Doll With Flashing Lights

Rs. 599.00 Regular price Rs. 799.00
Type: Musical Toy
Toyvala presents fascinating age-appropriate toys which enhance child’s imagination and focuses on making kids artistic, experiential and smart. Toyvala believes in bringing toys and games for kids which keep them busy and give them real-life examples while playing. We give special attention and bring only safe and Non-Toxic toys. All Toyvala toys are specially selected by the team and our toys are meaningful, safe, interesting and engaging. Music is with features that will certainly keep toddlers and kids of preschool age entertained for hours. This is a cute dancing toy for children of age 3+. Children can learn to dance along with the Dancing Musical Toy and enjoy it a lot. The sweet music and functional movements of toys improve the brain development of children, enhance learning and increase hand and eye coordination It has a brilliant lightning effect. This toy is battery-operated. It is helpful to grow up your kid’s mind. This toy enhances communication skills, listening skills, social interaction and of course, motor skills. This also grabs kids’ attention by attractive sounds, kids like observing such toys and it also encourages physical activities. Dance Girl amazing and very cute baby doll with 3D lighting and music available made up of good quality plastic, kids will surely like this doll. Musical Doll is a very cute baby doll with lightning and music function, made up of good quality plastic, kids will surely love this new doll. This toy can help the baby to develop intelligence, creativity, imagination & also help him develop eye-hand coordination. Perfect birthday & return gift for children keep kids busy with this particular Dancing Girl Doll. Chasing the moving girl can develop the baby's muscle strength and improve its walking flexibility and coordination.