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Toyvala-The Ambassador Taxi car: Iconic Indian cab, black-and-yellow, nostalgic, symbolizes transportation heritage, now in miniature pull-back toy form-CT-075

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Color - Black And Yellow
The Ambassador Taxi car pull-back toy is a delightful miniature replica of the iconic Indian Ambassador Taxi, capturing the essence of the country's iconic taxi service. Meticulously designed, it showcases the distinctive retro design of the Ambassador Taxi, complete with its signature black-and-yellow color scheme. With a pull-back mechanism, this toy offers an engaging and interactive play experience. Pull it back, release, and watch it zoom forward, just like the real taxis navigating bustling Indian streets. Whether as a collectible item or a fun plaything, this miniature Ambassador Taxi toy allows enthusiasts to relive the charm of India's taxi culture in a compact and entertaining form.