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Toyvala Transparent Helicopter Concept Toy 360° Gear Move With Sound & Lights

Rs. 499.00 Regular price Rs. 599.00
Type: Musical Toy
Color - Transparent
The helicopter body uses a unique transparent design, which looks very cool. As the toy Helicopter moves, children can clearly see the internal gears turning, helping them understand mechanical concepts earlier and develop imagination, cognitive abilities, and motor skills. Electric Helicopter forward, universal wheel driving. When encountering obstacles, turn automatically. This ergonomically designed mechanical Helicopter toy has 3D LED flashlights and music, with 360-degree auto-rotating wheels. The functioning gears provide a unique appeal during the day, while the LED light provides a mesmerizing display of lights during the night. This toy is ideal for kids and adults alike. Tough and impact resistant, resistant to play, and not afraid of falling. For more fun, the electric helicopter is equipped with LED front and back lights and sound effects. Just press buttons located on the helicopter at any time to light up and play sound effects – engine start, in-air flight, and siren. For the operation of the light-sound effect toys, 3 AAA batteries are required (Not Included).